All-Risks Insurance Cover for Memorial Stones *

* Please note we only supply Insurance on Memorials we have supplied and erected:

Immediate 5 year cover from as little as £17 only available to our existing customer base

Both new and established headstones and monuments can be insured provided that the cover is based upon today's replacement value - Ayrshire Memorials can inspect your memorial to advise you of this value.


protect the memory of a loved one

How would you repair or replace your memorial if it is defaced, damaged or stolen? It is a sad fact of life today that you need to consider these eventualities, but monument insurance can relieve the distressing effects by allowing the damage to be put right quickly and efficiently, or by completely replacing the memorial.

The cost of this unique insurance scheme can be as little as £3.40 per year on a renewable 5 year term.


An insurance policy you can rely on

The insurance scheme is only available from registered memorial masons and is underwritten by one of the UK's largest, brand-name insurance companies.


True all-risks cover

Most standard insurance policies are limited in the scope of cover they offer. This insurance scheme is different: specially arranged through a registered memorial mason which, subject to the policy terms, conditions and exclusions, covers "all-risks" whether accidental or malicious. The insurance covers the FULL VALUE of the stone or monument and also provides third party liability cover up to £2million. There is no extra premium to pay for this very wide insurance and no need to renew it each year, the policy lasts for five years and can then be renewed for a further five years.

The memorial stone value will be index linked at 5% per annum.


Easy claim process

In the first instance you just contact Ayrshire Memorials, we will arrange an estimate for the repairs and forward it to the insurer for authorisation.

Your claim will be handled very quickly and efficiently, authorisation is usually given within three days of the damage details being received

Table of Rates

Up to £400 £28
£401 - £500 £34
£501 - £600 £39
£601 - £750 £48
£751 - £1000 £59
£1001 - £1250 £71
£1251 - £1500 £86
£1501 - £1750 £101
£1751 - £2000 £117
£2001 - £2500 £142
£2501 - £3250 £167
Over £3250: 5% of value plus 6% Insurance Premium Tax
(quoted premiums include Insurance Premium Tax)