Our staff will be happy to discuss with you all aspects of your memorial requirements, from the permission which is required from your local authority, right through to size, colour, inscription and the final installation of the memorial.


In Loving Memory Of

Cherished Memories Of

Treasured Memories Of

In Remembrance Of

Sacred To The Memory Of

Peace Perfect Peace

Forever In Our Thoughts

Gone From Us But Not Forgotten

Remembered With A Smile

Too Dearly Loved To Be Forgotten

Memory Is A Golden Chain
That Binds Us Till We Meet Again

To Live In The Hearts Of Those We Love
Is Not To Die

The Lord Is My Shepherd
I Shall Not Want

Always In Our Thoughts
Forever In Our Hearts

Gone Is The Face We Loved So Dear
Silent The Voice We Loved To Hear

Gone Are The Days We Used To Share
But In Our Hearts You're Always There

His Life A Beautiful Memory
His Absence A Silent Grief

An Angel From The Book Of Life
Wrote Down My Baby’s Birth
And Whispered As She Closed The Book
Too Beautiful For Earth

A Tiny Flower
Lent Not Given
To Bud On Earth
And Bloom in Heaven

God Gave Us A Treasure For a While
To Fill Us With His Love
And Then He Took Our Darling Child
To Dwell With Him Above

God Has Gathered In Our Darling
Placed Our Bud Amongst His Flowers
Taken Back The Child He Lent Us
To A Better Home Than Ours

There's A Home For Little Children
Above The Bright Blue Sky
And All Who Love The Saviour
Will Reach It Bye And Bye

Two Little Hands Forever Clasped
Upon A Peaceful Breast
Two Little Eyes Forever Closed
And Sweetly Taking Rest

Sweet Little Flower
How Short Was Your Stay
Just Looked Around
Then God Called You Away

A Wonderful Mum Has Gone To Rest
For Each And All She Did Her Best
Please God, Forgive A Silent Tear
A Silent Wish That She Was Here

A Smile For All, A Heart Of Gold
One Of The Best This World Could Hold
Never Selfish, Always Kind
What A Beautiful Memory To Leave Behind

A Heart Of Gold Stopped Beating
Two Tired Hands Now Rest
God Broke Our Hearts To Prove To Us
He Only Takes The Best

It Broke Our Hearts To Lose You
But You Did Not Go Alone
For Part Of Us Went With You
The Day God Called You Home